Kingsgate Counselling and Addiction Services

Your journey has only just begun...

Ending addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction and considering giving it up, you will likely have to deal with some ambivalence. With help, willingness and positive changes, you can learn to feel your emotions fully until they pass, retrain your brain till it's filled with kinder thoughts, and fill some of the spaces that addiction attempts to temporarily fill. You can challenge the powerful voice of addiction until your ambivalence turns into clarity, conviction and compassion.

Together we can explore coping strategies, harm reduction, 12 step approach support, and post and pre detox/residential support. Whatever is happening for you right now, I can help you gain clarity and offer you self-empowering methods to enable you to create a happier life.

Family members affected by addiction

If you are the partner, family member, friend or colleague of a person who is dependent on alcohol and/or drugs you may feel distressed. You may also feel guilty or afraid, often putting a great deal of pressure on yourself because you think it is up to you to get the addicted person to stop.

As a result, you may be anxious, ashamed, confused and exhausted. Often people affected by somebody else's addiction share the same worries as the substance misuse, for example, concerns over health, children, work, relationships, even death.

Kingsgate Counselling can offer support to families and friends of addicts, helping them understand their relationships and working through how they can help themselves and their loved ones. Counselling can also help to change the dynamics of family relationships to improve current environments and lives.