Kingsgate Counselling and Addiction Services

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I work as a Gestalt / Humanistic, Integrative Counsellor, using different skills to the individual such as CBT, MI, MET, ACT, specialising in Addiction.

I work with individuals, families and couples, dealing with addiction, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, trauma, and loss and relationship concerns. I also work with families/partners that have been affected with someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse.

I have 20 years of personal and professional experience in addiction and have seen many people gain self-confidence, acceptance and awareness in response to being heard, seen and valued for exactly who they are in the counselling relationship, helping them to improve their connections with everyone around them as well as with life itself, easing any issues they may have started with.

As well as working with individuals, I enjoy counselling couples and systemic family work creating a safe space for both partners and family members, in which to really listen to each other, and to learn new relating skills and ways of being together or apart. Relationships can improve dramatically during and after couple/family counselling. If separation is the best option for you, deeper understanding can be found, and attention given to honouring each other and the connection between you, as well as to creating practical solutions and agreements.

Working with family members that have been affected by addiction can be challenging and difficult to understand for some members.This process can be explored by looking under the Addiction tab.

Mark Horner - MBACP (BA Hon's) / MFDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practioners)